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CN-104479177-A: 一种捕鱼鞋胶料、防滑捕鱼鞋及其制备方法 patent, CN-104482984-A: Liquid level sensor based on POF (plastic optical fiber) optical fiber macrobending patent, CN-104483450-A: 串联式合成氨厂变换工段各变换炉入口汽气比值测定系统 patent, CN-104492800-A: 一种突发性对甲基苯酚污染土壤的修复方法 patent, CN-104501682-A: 测量螺栓孔错位量的装置及方法 patent, CN-104507564-A: Methods of evolutionary synthesis including embodied chemical syntheses patent, CN-104532316-A: Anti-nitridation process for copper-tin composite plating patent, CN-104546224-A: 一种支架式心脏瓣膜及其支架 patent, CN-104547545-A: Medicine for preventing stroke patent, CN-104568653-A: Cam-type tap density instrument patent, CN-104569245-A: 一种工作场所脂肪族胺类中环己胺浓度测定方法 patent, CN-104600707-A: Current limiting type UPFC system design method patent, CN-104604395-A: 一种遥控农用机械 patent, CN-104607976-A: Machining-positioning device and machining method for universal connecting shaft irregularly-shaped hole patent, CN-104614991-A: Method for improving robot parameter identification accuracy patent, CN-104622454-A: Multi-functional bracelet type human body intelligent monitor system patent, CN-104647487-A: 拼板机推板装置 patent, CN-104671628-A: 一种利用太阳能热解碳化技术处理污泥的方法 patent, CN-104682183-A: 二极管端面泵浦全固态激光器 patent, CN-104701605-A: 一种电小尺寸分形单极子天线 patent, CN-104718931-A: Seedling growing method patent, CN-104724290-A: A load bearing element and a method for manufacturing a load bearing element patent, CN-104733645-A: OLED device and encapsulating method thereof patent, CN-104749101-A: 一种光学氢气传感器及其设计方法 patent, CN-104757424-A: 一种东革阿里合成颗粒及其制备方法 patent, CN-104762355-A: 一种制备鱼鳞胶原蛋白活性肽的方法 patent, CN-104766566-A: 像素结构 patent, CN-104770315-A: Method for preventing exposure and desiccation of Babylonia aerolata seedlings patent, CN-104770876-A: 一种具有电子烟抽吸功能的电加热型烟斗 patent, CN-104771170-A: 面向磁共振弹性成像的气动增压激励装置及方法 patent, CN-104788624-A: Flame-retardant light-transmittance sheet resin and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104793100-A: Detection device for circuit breakage and short circuit of secondary coil of electric leakage mutual inductor patent, CN-104802813-A: Slope-shaped pedal for getting on or getting off train patent, CN-104803128-A: Outer tank reinforcing ring device of tank type container and processing method thereof patent, CN-104821120-A: Gravitational acceleration measuring method and device thereof patent, CN-104828155-A: Multiple-piece tail wing structure patent, CN-104828228-A: 一种拖网渔船的导流管 patent, CN-104830358-A: 一种生物质分级气化制取富氢气体的装置及方法 patent, CN-104841365-A: Composite fluorine removal agent and preparation method patent, CN-104852706-A: 低附加相移数字衰减器 patent, CN-104857595-A: 气泵式便携输液设备 patent, CN-104857891-A: Hydrate promoter and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104873203-A: 一种基于体感装置病人护理监测系统及其工作方法 patent, CN-104883760-A: 一种低电压透明电热膜 patent, CN-104885471-A: Content adaptive entropy coding of coded/not-coded data for next generation video patent, CN-104886032-A: 一种激光驱鸟器调节架 patent, CN-104889775-A: Clamp for processing vertical positioning surface of tail wing of airplane patent, CN-104898353-A: Folded telephoto camera lens system patent, CN-104898898-A: 一种延长红外触摸框使用寿命的方法 patent, CN-104904541-A: Star anise tree planting method promoting high yield patent, CN-104912924-A: Conical roller bearing of integrated planetary gear speed reducing device patent, CN-104915563-A: 基于金属定量构效关系的淡水慢性基准预测方法 patent, CN-104977041-A: Air humidity and temperature alarm patent, CN-104978893-A: 一种模印齿轮范成仪 patent, CN-104980326-A: 一种终端设备之间分享应用内容的方法及装置 patent, CN-104996161-A: 一种麦冬-油菜套种方法 patent, CN-104996327-A: 钢架结构人工鱼礁 patent, CN-105008740-A: 轴承装置 patent, CN-105011848-A: 一种便携式厕所 patent, CN-105013072-A: 用于子宫的带药缓释装置和植入方法 patent, CN-105027132-A: Systems and methods for non-destructive testing user profiles patent, CN-105057266-A: Lithium ion power battery metal casing impurity removal method patent, CN-105060184-A: Forklift accessory for carrying ceramic tiles patent, CN-105069382-A: 一种适用于普通u盘的安全应用系统 patent, CN-105077501-A: 一种青年女性用减肥饮料 patent, CN-105108268-A: 一种手动钢板万向切割定尺装置 patent, CN-105114258-A: Installing and aligning method and device for anemorumbometer of wind driven generator patent, CN-105116344-A: Battery open circuit voltage estimation method based on binary coding patent, CN-105127455-A: 自动车倒角车床接料传动结构 patent, CN-105147470-A: Multi-functional electric wheelchair patent, CN-105152119-A: 气压注浆泵系统 patent, CN-105181798-A: Construction steel structure weld ultrasonic phased array detection technology patent, CN-105182340-A: 一种双基地前视sar运动补偿方法 patent, CN-105223956-A: 一种全向移动机器人的动态避障方法 patent, CN-105226005-A: 双镶嵌结构的形成方法 patent, CN-105240936-A: Indoor unit, air conditioner and refrigeration method patent, CN-105268518-A: 多功能多棱磨球 patent, CN-105269326-A: Pipe end forming machine for machining exhaust manifold of automobile engine patent, CN-105292350-A: Foldable push cart patent, CN-105309374-A: Water grass ecological method aeration equipment patent, CN-105344425-A: Grinding gear smashing type feed processing machine patent, CN-105349184-A: 一种复合炉催化气化的装置及方法 patent, CN-105350621-A: 坐便器冲洗结构及冲洗方法 patent, CN-105382204-A: 用于航空发动机的封闭内腔结构及航空发动机 patent, CN-105393560-A: 自动音色、响度以及均衡控制 patent, CN-105423283-A: Biomass gas and carbon co-production boiler patent, CN-105424627-A: 水溶胶活性检测方法 patent, CN-105425110-A: Quick override trip fault positioning method based on power line carrier technology patent, CN-105427700-A: 一种高压清洗车实训系统 patent, CN-105444206-A: 微型发动机燃烧室肋片式蒸发管 patent, CN-105446945-A: Word标记报告生成方法 patent, CN-105458066-A: Sectional material dressing die patent, CN-105464678-A: Rapid roadway tunneling method and system patent, CN-105467905-A: Intelligent agriculture monitoring system device patent, CN-105515320-A: Motor for drum type washing machine with middle and small capacity patent, CN-105526439-A: Installation-convenient stainless steel pipe connecting piece patent, CN-105562095-A: Ethylene tetrapolymerization catalyst composition and ethylene tetrapolymerization method patent, CN-105570215-A: Constant-tension hydraulic valve group patent, CN-105589090-A: 用于核电厂空气过滤器金属框架清洁解控的抽检评估方法 patent, CN-105603178-A: 一种由含锡铁矿制备锡铁粗合金粉的方法 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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